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 Today's CAROLINIAN trivia thread

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PostSubject: Today's CAROLINIAN trivia thread   Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:54 pm

This thread is for the sharing of trivia about Today's CAROLINIAN. Alumni of TC are particularly invited to post here for the benefit of the present Carolinians.

Trivia: The name of the student publication before it became Today's CAROLINIAN was The Carolinian.

Trivia: The Red and Black was the name of the TC newspaper implicated in the controversial case in 2002 surrounding lampoon articles featuring a naked St. Arnold Janssen, a Mama Mary commenting on the uniform issue and a hooligan character named Sister Ola. These lampoons were published during the fiery student campaign against the implementation of a new, centrally-marketed uniform for Carolinian students (the one being worn now). The case was filed by the former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Fr. Florencio Lagura against a shadowy TC by-line identified as The High Templar. TC lost the case, protests followed, leading to the stoppage of TC fund collection by the USC admin and the eventual silencing of the student publications.
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PostSubject: Re: Today's CAROLINIAN trivia thread   Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:20 pm


cla sister ola ug c father bomz.....

hay nako.....

wakliwaklihan pa giod ka ug patay nga dahon ni father bomz.


Todays Carolinian also won many awards.
naa tay na achive uy.
TC won 1st place.
UP was the second i think.... or was that atineo.
basta the point is. 1st ta. cheers cheers
~Lourd de Veyra~
radioactive sago
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Today's CAROLINIAN trivia thread
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